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January, 2017 – City of Montreal to use BriskVANTAGE platform

Brisk Synergies is very proud to announce that the company has entered into an agreement with the City of Montreal for the city to become the first municipality to deploy the recently announced BriskVANTAGE platform for continuous analysis of specific traffic flow and vehicle, pedestrian and bicyclist safety at particular intersections of interest to the city.

Brisk Synergies’ engineers will work closely with the city’s Urban Mobility Management Centre to determine the specific “scenarios” that will be monitored with the platform.  Utilizing the city’s existing traffic camera infrastructure, the team will choose an initial handful of scenarios to monitor and create the initial set of configuration and definition files necessary to instruct the platform’s analysis of the continuous video streams.  Initially the project will execute the analysis on a nightly basis providing the city’s mobility management centre with a dashboard of summary data, heatmaps & video snippets for the previous day’s activity against the defined scenarios, allowing the traffic management centre to track the activity over time and see trends and patterns in the activity and make more informed decisions to improve traffic flow and safety with measurable results.
Montreal Camera NetworkThe BriskVANTAGE Continuous Monitoring Platform can analyze and aggregate data for a number of different scenarios from a given video recording, including traffic counting, speed monitoring, red-light violations, right-of-way violations, near-collision detections, jaywalking patterns, potentially dangerous vehicle / pedestrian or vehicle / bicycle interactions.  See for more details.

December, 2016 – Using smart data to help drive bicycle policies

Using Brisk Synergies’ deep data analytic platform, cities like Nantes France gain deep insight into how their bicycle networks are utilized. [Read more]

September, 2016 – Toronto Big Data Innovation Unit uses Big Data from Toronto Analytics Platform

Partnering with the Cycling Unit of Transportation Services, the Big Data Innovation Unit released a report evaluating cycling travel patterns based on data collected from Toronto Cycling Application. [Read more]

July, 2016 – As part of our European market initiative, Brisk Synergies visited the Automotive Campus in Helmond, Netherlands.

Discover why Charles Chung, CEO Brisk Synergies, spent part of his summer exploring opportunities here in Brainport Eindhoven by participating in the ‘soft landing ‘ programme offered by the Automotive Campus in Helmond, one of the centres of excellence in this high tech region. [Read more]

June, 2016 – Brisk Synergies provides expert insights and shares experiences in Big Transportation Data for North American cities

Brisk Synergies was invited to attend the conference “Big Transportation Data for Big Cities” on June 12-15, 2016 at the University of Toronto. This was organized by the UofT Transportation Research Institute (UTTRI) and the City of Toronto. The conference brought together transportation officials, technical staff, academics, and industry leaders to discuss all aspects of the world of big data and transportation. [Read more]

November, 2015 – From Toronto to Glasgow, cities have been partnering with tech businesses to harness cyclist data to inform and improve cycling infrastructure: The Guardian

The Toronto Cycling App, a tool launched in May 2014, developed by tech company Brisk Synergies for the city of Toronto, to inform development of the cycling network. As the city’s manager of cycling infrastructure and programmes, Jacquelyn Hayward Gulati played an integral part.. [Read more]

October, 2015 – Brisk Synergies, Ecopia Technologies & Miovision partner to create real-time traffic visualization of cities

Kitchener-based traffic system technology platform developer Miovision has partnered with two Waterloo start-ups, Brisk Synergies and Ecopia Technologies, who’ve got roots in Waterloo’s Accelerator Centre, from which Miovision is also a graduate, with the objective of helping cities to create real-time visualizations of their transportation networks. [Read more]

September, 2015 – City of Québec Launches New App to Discover Cyclist Needs

Powered by Brisk Synergies, the new app, Mon Trajet Velo, will plot routes taken by cyclists during their everyday travels. An online consultation will draw a portrait of the types of cyclists from Quebec City and determine their development needs to travel safely on the roads. [Read more]

March, 2015 – Brisk Synergies Selected for Inaugural AC Jumpstart Cohort

The Accelerator Centre® (AC) is proud to announce its first AC JumpStart cohort, the first group of companies to benefit from the $8M funding program, announced January 15th in conjunction with the Federal Economic Development Agency (FedDev Ontario), and partners Conestoga College, the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University. [Read More]


Improving Cycling in Urban Areas: BriskCYCLE webinar 2015.

Improving Cycling in Urban Areas

In today’s bustling cities, congestion and mobility are critical concerns for city planners. Join us as we discuss cycling from a variety perspectives, analyzing various problems and solutions that consider the importance of improving cycling in urban areas.

This exciting webinar will gather together cycling experts from across diverse countries and backgrounds including: members of urban cyclist associations, mobility planners from governmental departments, public cycling system managers and academic experts in charge of analysis of cycling policies and development.

Webinar recorded on October 16th, 2015

Irene Fernández | ACU Buenos Aires
Juan Carlos Montenegro | IDU Bogotá

Roberto Guzmán | Chepecletas Costa Rica
Luis Miranda | McGill University
Rafael Alfaro | Moderator
Mario Perdomo | Brisk Synergies